The New IPL-RF Fotofacial- Intense Pulsed Light & Radio-frequency Fotofacial in Southlake

Our new IPL-RF FotoFacial in Southlake combines two powerful, time tested energy sources; IPL -Intense Pulsed Light and RF-Radio-frequency in one non-invasive treatment, for reduction of sun induced aging of skin surface. 
The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology has been around for almost two decades and extensively utilized for improvement of the signs of surface skin aging such as broken capillaries, sun induced brown spots, leathery skin texture and so forth without resurfacing the skin. Over the recent years, this non-invasive cosmetic skin treatment has been perfected with the advent of AFT (Advanced Florescent Technology) and In-Motion technology for better, faster results with fewer side effects and less discomfort. 
Radio-frequency was first approved by FDA for noninvasive, nonsurgical skin tightening in 2002; non-invasive RF treatments lead to improvement in surface skin texture, improvement in skin tone and elasticity, improvement in superficial skin laxity, reduction in appearance of pore size, softening of fine lines. (View Microneedle Fractional Radio-frequency treatments in Dallas and Southlake for nonsurgical skin tightening, deep wrinkle reduction and reduction of scars). Radio frequency energy exerts the skin tightening effect by delivering heat to the structural collagen fibers in the dermis; the controlled heating with RF induces immediate contraction of collagen (instant skin tightening effect) and new collagen synthesis (cumulative collagen remodeling with visible skin thickening and tightening over the following 3 months). The result of radio-frequency induced collagen synthesis is skin tightening and thickening which is subtle yet notable with superficial or non-invasive radio-frequency application.
The NEW IPL-RF Fotofacial treatment combines these two state of the art non-invasive skin rejuvenation modalites to deliver dual benefits of IPL and Radio-frequency; safely and effectively, with little discomfort and NO downtime.

Combined IPL-RF Fotofacial can have the following beneficial effects on your skin:

Four to five treatments are recommended for best results. The treatments are planned at three to four week intervals. Depending on your skin type and your lifestyle, maintenance treatments are recommended every six to eight months.
We often combine other noninvasive treatments like microdermabrasion and micropeel to boost the results of IPL-RF Fotofacial in our Southlake office. The microdermabrasion and micropeel treatments are done in between the IPL-RF treatments to remove surface debris, dead cells which leads to a little better penetration of the IPL-RF into the skin for enhanced results.

The IPL-RF treatments are performed by our experienced, certified and medical laser trained aestheticians under physician supervision.

Call our office 888-210-9693 for an appointment and we can help you determine the best regimen for your skin needs.